If you’re looking for making a true connection with someone, lead with a smile. While some people may be impressed with where you live, what you do for a living, or what kind of car you drive, the right person will know these things are superficial, and will be more interested in the real you, so be ready to deliver.

Finding love is hard enough without mucking it up with people who aren’t interested in getting to know about you (other than what’s parked in your garage). In the beginning of your relationship, talk about what a love interest needs to know about you. Don’t feel like you need to make yourself sound like a better catch based on your bank account, car, or address as this basically shows how shallow and uninteresting you are. Who wants a date with a braggart?

Help someone get to know YOU. Talk about where you grew up, what your family is like, what kind of hobbies you’re into, what books you enjoy, or what genre of movies you enjoy. Ask them questions and try to get to know them too. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be so worried about their bank balance either; you’re trying for a love match, not a bank match.

You’re looking for a quality individual right? What makes them get up in the morning? Do you have philosophies in common? Do you frequent the same dog park? Is there a great story they shared about summer camp that also happened to you? What are their passions and are they similar to yours? The more you talk the better! You’ll see if there is some intellectual connection (the physical stuff is easy and can be determined pretty quickly).

Always remember boys and girls, a money connection isn’t a love connection.

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