Honestly, do you want to find true love? Well let’s start there first then shall we? Honesty I mean. I’m here to tell you that real love all stems from honesty. The ability to be vulnerable and intimate, to trust, and commit comes from being honest and receiving honesty in return. Let me explain. You may think that you can lie and cheat those you think you love, but is that love? Are you showing a partner or potential partner your true self?

Starting a new relationship whether with friends or a future love match is a clean start with no baggage between you (I’m assuming you’ve not known each other first). You’re building something new, and a proper foundation to any relationship needs to start with honesty between individuals. If you tell a fib or 2 to spare someone’s feelings about a pair of shoes or a car then that’s fine, I’m talking about the meat of the relationship; what’s important when it comes to loving someone and being loved.

Honesty is a two way street full of road signs, traffic lights, crosswalks, pedestrians, and other vehicles. If you are honest in your thoughts, feelings, and about your life then you leave yourself vulnerable, but you also leave yourself with the opportunity to be loved for who you are and not a trail of lies making you someone who you’re not. Four years ago a client of mine took my “honest” advice and made a conscious effort of full disclosure in any and all future romantic relationships. I don’t mean he inundated first dates with TMI, but he was going to stop embellishing his attributes, or flat out lying. He was trying online dating; a potentially hard place to find truth, but he was determined to give it a go. He thought it refreshing to be truthful, and he felt he was connecting in a deeper way than he had in his past relationships. He did find success, because he found that he was loveable as himself, in his truth.

Yes, the truth will set you free.


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