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Molly is your host, the heart and soul behind this site. 

Dickon (her husband) is building the site and together they are building this community and business with the goal of spreading more love in the world.

Who Is Molly Anyway?

My name is Molly Fulghum Kent and I believe a good coach focuses on the strengths of an individual to help people achieve what they want out of life. I help you identify and achieve your relationship goals to help you live a more fulfilling life by helping navigate toward a more engaged and compelling future. Either with the one you love, or in search of someone special.

Do you want to create positive changes to improve your intimate relationship?

Through relationship coaching, my goal is to help you maximize your personal potential through partnering in a thoughtful, mindful, and creative process.

What do I know about coaching?

I have a BA in Sociology and a Masters degree in Social Work with a focus on Health/Mental Health; both degrees are from The University of Washington with a 3.86 GPA. I have experience in personal counseling, facilitating support groups, drug counseling, domestic violence counseling, homeless counseling, socioemotional counseling, strategic planning, fundraising, suicide assessment, and working with multidisciplinary teams. I’ve served as a Board of Trustee member, case manager, tenant and office manager, inventory manager, project manager, event planner, construction project manager, and personal assistant to a CEO. I hold a Washington State certificate as a domestic violence advocate, a certificate in Blood Born Pathogens for researchers, a HIPPA certification and a certificate in Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR).

What do I do and how do I do it?

I bring out the best in individuals through various methods. I start by having a simple conversation and then we go from there based on what I think will be most beneficial to unlock your potential. We will meet however often you need such as weekly or bi-weekly consultations via phone or in person.

A little bit about me:

I was born and raised in Seattle. I am married and have 2 daughters and a step-son. I enjoy spending time with my dog. I’m well travelled both domestically and in foreign countries, but I’m looking forward to many more travels and adventures in life. Cooking is a passion and it’s even more fun if it’s for friends and family. My days are busy with research, family, friends and clients, and the occasional reality TV show (strictly research).

Something About Dickon

I’m Dickon, Molly’s husband. I’m responsible for developing the technology and initial business strategy for For me this business accomplishes a few things:

Molly is gifted at helping people find clarity in their personal relationships. I want her seen and heard so she can help others. It makes me proud and excited to develop the platform that delivers her to the world.

We have a long distance marriage. Molly lives in Seattle WA, and I live in Santa Fe NM. We do our best to spend as much time as we can together but it’s never enough. So we’re building this business to better support our life together. I am the President and Founder of – a creative digital agency based in Santa Fe. Molly & Kent is an online business with a distributed team which gives me a certain level of location flexibility. Through we’re building the same location independence for Molly.

We both want to help others. Marriage, love, and intimacy is where we meet together. And I think we’re pretty good at it. The positive and the challenging! Together this business combines a lot of what we care about as a couple, and as individuals. This is our place to help share what we’re learning by committing to our marriage.

Together I hope we create a place of value, honesty, care and learning. An online home for people who are committed to living a deeper love life, that will join us in community.

  • Happier relationships result in richer lives.
  • Richer lives result in better served communities.
  • Better served communities result in a more fulfilled world.
  • This is what we’re committed to.

Also, this site is about You! The people who come here for advice and resources to help make your relationships stronger, closer and more fun. So please, always feel free to let us know what you would like to see here. Respond to articles, join us on Facebook and comment there, or simply shoot us an email, and sometimes we’ll have specific surveys running too.

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