Do relationships & dating make you feel anxious, stressed, or helpless?  You’re not alone, let me help you!

I’m here to help you find happiness and fulfillment through dating and relationship advice and coaching.

I offer expert relationship support, advice, and guidance to help you build the skills and confidence you need to maximize your love life.

Everyone is unique so each custom plan is tailored to addresses your needs.

Through confidential conversation, email, texts, and questionnaires, we get to know each client to advise how to become to best you you can be. Through holistic relationship advising I’ll help you find a more fulfilling dating life and build deeper relationships with those you already have.

What can you do to up your dating game? Need ideas for dates, conversation or what to wear? How do you let that special someone know they are special? I’ll help with all these questions and more…

Basic Training For Dating

(90 Day Program)

This package will get you off to basic training for dating. We will go over everything you need to interest that special someone in you and we will delve into what you’re looking for in a match. We will talk, write and work on YOU!

  • Dating Assessments- Where did you go wrong and where to go from here?
  • Virtual Styling Consultation-Up to 2 hours – closet assessment via Skype or FaceTime. For an additional $120 per hour I’ll work with you in person and online for dating wardrobe shopping.
  • Profile Photo Assessment-Up to 2 hours of photo consultation
  • Written or Rewritten Dating Profile for recommended sites & apps
  • Virtual Bachelor/Bachelorette pad makeover-2 hours. Suggested changes and purchases w/ links (In-person visit and/or staging additional $120 per hour)
  • Recommended Resources (videos, books, classes, movies)
  • Weekly 1 hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions via FaceTime/Skype. Text, emails up to 10 each per week (you send me screenshots of the profiles & conversations, and I help you through it within a 24 hour response time)

All dating coaching sessions are customized for each individual client.

90-Day Package:  $2,950

Dating Jump Start

(45 Day Program)

You’re ready to date and just need to polish up your game to get started. Perhaps you’re already out there on a couple of sites, but the response hasn’t been what you were hoping for. This 45 day jump start will get you up and running while you put your best foot forward.

  • Dating Assessments
  • 1 Hour Virtual Styling Session (via phone, Skype and FaceTime) Personal services available for an extra $120 per hour.
  • Recommended photos (poses, outfits) and I’ll select photos to use
  • 1 Written Dating Profile for recommended sites & apps
  • Recommended Resources (videos, books, classes, movies)
  • 1 Weekly 1 hour Virtual One-on-One Coaching Sessions via Skype or Facetime with up to 5 texts and emails per week with a 24 response time.

All coaching sessions are customized to the individual client.

45 Day Package:  $1,400

Relationship Coaching

If you need regular guidance and support in your relationships, I recommend this monthly package. All relationships require care and nurturing, and I’m here to help you traverse it all.  This month-to -month support and coaching with weekly homework will help improve your connection, communication, and passion with others. This package is beneficial for all the relationships in your life; love, family, friends, coworkers, etc. Available for singles or couples at different rates.

Weekly 1 Hour Phone Coaching Sessions with Text Support (20 messages per week): $600/month per person, or $1,100 per couple/month (double the single package)


Monthly texting support is available for those in need of minimal advice and support through your dating or relationship life. Clients text me questions and within 24 hours, I respond with personalized advice and recommendations.

Monthly Text Support:  $300/month limited to 20 texts per week


Face time with me will get you in depth conversation about you and your needs. Hourly coaching based on availability via Skype or Facetime. Hours are 50 minutes. In person rate is $150.

$120/hr via Skype or FaceTime, In Person $150/hr

Give me 15 minutes and we can get started working on your new dating strategy.

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